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I didn't mean to make it sound like I just ignore caution when dealing with chemicals, it is just there are some I am not worried about. .
Well...fwiw, I really suit up in the darkroom most of the time...I wear goggles & a smock as well as gloves when mixing up chemistry at work--and often wear safety glasses w/shields when tray processing, toning or running the deeptank. One time...once, I left the goggles off during a deeptank run (mind you this is 30 minutes or so in the dark) and splashed dev. in my eye--had to use an eyewash in the dark. I worked with a guy who once got a crystal chunk of hypo lodged in his eye & couldn't use an eyewash--had to go get it removed in an emergency room. It's like a carpenter working with a tablesaw for 20 years and one day cutting his finger off by accident. These things can happen--you can never be too careful.

I was only playing devil's advocate for your lab tech friend. Your school probably has a safety officer or someone who makes sure the school follows a "hazard communication" plan or whatever they call it in your state for the workplace OSHA safety laws. Even though you're not an employee, but a student, the school would be stupid not to have a safety plan in place for those who use the darkroom. You can get OSHA to train employees on everything under the sun from respirator fit tests (which in a workplace, to wear a resp. you need to be certified), to help with latex sensitivity & allergies. The MSDS sheets are the tip of the iceberg....