You're pretty well stuck with what you've got.

However, one of the things people do for fun is to double expose a roll of film on purpose.

For example, the first time through, you take shots of things like windows, street lights and brick walls. Things that have interesting patterns and designs in them. Next, rewind and expose again. This time take "normal" pictures of people and things. Then, when you develop the roll you'll overlay or juxtapose the second exposures on the first.

The thing is, you never know what you're going to get. You might end up with a picture that looks like a person standing in front of a street light or a dog looking out of a window. You might get some funny, interesting or surreal shots. You might end up with junk. It's mostly random chance.

Here's one I did, years ago:

I say to go ahead and proof that roll of film to see what you got. You might luck out and get a good one.