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"Turns out that Plus-X is gone because the one particular machine that coated it broke, and it couldn't be repaired any more, same as Efke"

I call BS on this. Kodak shifted all of its film making to one plant in 2002 that could make all of the films under one roof, just changing the emulsions for the master rolls to be cut. One Kodak machine 'wearing out' for Plus-X? Ha.
Perhaps you got the previous version mixed up, that version of Plus-X pre 2002 had the distinctive blueish film base.
I'm relaying what I was told from a reliable source who deals directly with Kodak regularly around film. I was certainly not much of a Kodak fan after seeing Plus-X go- which this source did not know, and hearing this was a surprise to me. Believe whatever you want I really could care less.

At this point I could give a sh1t about any of this. A couple of us were wondering about getting XX respooled and asked a question of Kodak. One of us thought that years ago it used to come in 100' rolls. Doesn't hurt to ask right? We were given a price and a minimum amount of film needed to make it happen. I put the info out there wondering if there would be enough interest. There isn't, instead there is just a lot of complaining about the price, even though it is only $10 more than the Freestyle price for TMAX100 in a 100' roll and 30% more than Tri-X (Kodak's cheapest B&W film) For a special order. With most things these days convenience is king- even if it comes at something of a premium- we thought this might have a chance at working for folks. To those of you who contacted me with interest- sorry it isn't going to happen. To those who felt the need to complain. Pi$$ off.