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Used air brush compressor. Small, inexpensive and quiet. Might have creative "other" uses in printing & toning/bleaching small areas.
How's the air pressure on those things?

I used to use Dust-Off XL for everything, including DSLR sensor cleaning, but recently bought myself a Hurricane canless air system because I was weary of contamination from Dust-Off, and also figured it's less of a hazard, not to mention more economic in the long run.

The thing is, the hurricane is (1) friggin' LOUD, so loud as making me hesitate to use it at night, and (2) partly due to the large diameter of the ejection tube, I don't the kind of quick bursts of high pressure like I do with Dust-Off… it's like a small hair dryer or something, ya know?

I want somthing that marries those two--clean, residue free, air-only high pressure rechargeable system. I'm hoping air brush compressors are the answer.