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Well, I doubt there really is a magic film, but XX is not bad at all, and having used it, Tri-X and several others it certainly doesn't act substandard to me. In fact, it is actually a very flexible emulsion.

Either way, I thought this was actually a good idea that would allow a lot more people the opportunity to try it out. Face it, picking up and using 100 foot is not so bad, but if you do not know that you will like it, 400 foot is a pretty big commitment. But it appears that everyone is still perfectly happy with what they already have and the ones who were willing to try it are already comfortable with the larger rolls. I will continue to buy the 400 footers every month or so since I already know I like it, but others may miss out on that opportunity. Takes a while to shoot 400 foot of film but I put the spare on ice until I'm ready for another roll. It is certainly a very nice film, and the 400 foot rolls stack and store nicely in my freezer.
I like the look of the Eastman High Contrast film that that guy mentioned earlier is offering on his site, it's nice, and double x looks nice too of course, but I would prefer some Panatomic-x or some other slow speed film, I like slow contrasty films.... I love PanF+ as it's the ONLY slow film from the major manufacturers at a decent price, I won't spend $10 per roll that's just silly when there are lots of good $5 per roll films, still, it's sad to see kodak go, but they got rid of all their good offerings in B&W, Tri-x is nice but so is the comparable HP5+ and Tri-x is more expensive than Tmax which is just silly.

Ah well... I don't even know where I'm going with this anymore... I shoot 120, show me where I can get bulk rolls of 120, I never understood why those aren't available...