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There is L glass for the older manual Canons also.


There is also a manual
24 1.4L New-FD
50 1.2L New FD
85 1.2L New-FD

Scroll down this page for a tasty list of non L's…and these are only the N-FD range
There may be more, I believe the older FD white lenses had L glass too, especially the the giant primes... like the $2,000,000 give or take a mill or two, 1600mm prime lens... it's pretty damn awesome, would like to see a nikon beat that haha.

or the 8mm prime was pretty nice too... though Nikon has Canon beat on that with a 6mm prime, a friend of mine actually has one, he bought it NEW for $20,000 for a job for an airline, they payed him about the same price, it was for interior cabin shots, film work really used to pay!