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Would love to see some of your images from the CZ 50 F2 if you care to share? Is yours the CZJ or the later version?
It is a late post 1960 lens, the kit lens on one of the last Contax IIIa, it says ' Carl Zeiss ' on the neme plate I don't have any slides to hand at this address to scan, but it would show the grain on Kodachrome 25 centre of frame similar to much later Leica or Nikon glass, and had nicer colo(u)rs from the single coating (SC).

Cosinia have made two of their modern Voghtlander lenses (the 40mm and 35mm /1.4s in multi coatied (MC) and SC,) they initially made a small run of the 40mm in SC for the Jap mono market, but they flew off the shelves to the Americias and Europe, they ended up making almost the same numbers SC and MC in both types. The SC lenses do flare more...

Most of the time I use fast mono so any lens character is subdued.