Hi All,

I ended up with this camera in a deal that involved some other gear. I have 3 C330s, so pretty stocked up on them.

This is a KEH bargain condition C220. It has the porrofinder. I just popped a battery in the finder and it appears functional (I didn't see if it was calibrated but it appears to be roughly where I'd expect it to be). The ground glass could use a cleaning. I have never run film through this camera. I was thinking about leaving it in the trunk of my car for random opportunities but in truth I have too much stuff as it is. I did run a test roll of backing paper through the camera, and everything seems to function appropriately. They are very simple mechanisms, not a ton to go wrong. But in truth the camera is sold as-is, I have no idea if there will be problems with it, but I would honestly be surprised. Some of the leatherette appears to have been pulled off and replaced. Not a beautiful camera but a functional one.

I think the Mamiya TLRs are the true bargains of the large format world. The 80mm (black) lens is just as good as a Hassleblad lens, and the whole package is much smaller (particularly when you start adding lenses). The best part though is that as a portrait camera, the time when you click the shutter, you can view your subject...vs a Hassleblad or SLR type camera, when, at the critical moment, the mirror blocks your view. So you can tell if someone is blinking, making a funny face. Really awesome and unique for these cameras. That's why I have three.

Here's KEH for a bargain C220

Buy today, in the mail tomorrow (Monday).