From the Nov 2012 price list:

Double X is $178/400ft and $444/1000ft, which is about $44.50/100ft, or $44.40/100ft respectively. Did you honestly think that people would pay more than double that for a company to put it into a smaller canister? Whats so special about it, that it comes in the same kodak can that other bulk rolls come in, in the same black plastic baggy? That there is a special label? I doubt they will make a smaller label for a smaller can on such a run.

A better approach would to just buy the rolls, and charge $10-$15 on top of that $44.50 for respooling yourself, and in the end everyone one gets a reasonably priced film, conveniently packaged in 100ft lengths, and you get a free 100ft out of it for your troubles. With a set a rewinds respooling is just a few rotations of a crank.