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Most expensive 24 exposure rolls I see are $5.49 each, so $16.50 for three. And the most expensive 100 foot rolls I find are $90. Hmm. Seems that no matter what the price is it's maybe the IDEA of allowing Kodak to charge a premium for a special order that is the problem. At these prices XX isn't much different At all than shooting factory spooled HP5 135/24 or TMAX 100 bulk rolls. But I guess nobody would ever do that...
I think you still don't get it.

You're right - shooting the Double-X from bulk would cost about the same as factory spooled HP5 or TMX. But you have to bulk load it. It would cost more than bulk loading HP5 or TMX. Sure, buying some from someone loading it for you ends up costing more than the bulk roll, and more than other films pre-loaded, but lets you try it without as much commitment.

My original question about the price was based on an apparent misunderstanding that people shoot this film to save money over more common films. Apparently that's not the reason. That's fine with me. But I'm happy with the commonly available black and white films for my own use.