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So, Denis. What part of my post didn't get through, the part about 20 minutes in the developer or the part about how bad the stuff smells?
Well, I got what I deserved for not sticking with your info

I went with the Caffenol Cookbook, changed a recipe a bit (I used RS variant), their times are shorter (and you did say that your negs turned out rather dense).... I subtracted about 15% for the rotary processing, so... I tried "going by the book"

But, I should have listened to you and should have used about 17-18 minutes, and should have used your formula, too.

Anyway, I didn't expect too much, therefore I used unimportant film... I just wanted to see what's the fuss about - I did see some nice results online.
Like I said, I'm unimpressed (mostly because of the unpleasant smell, but also the stain...). I had to scrub and wash my tank and reels like a maniac - and I think they still have a faint smell of that stuff. Ilford Rapid fixer smells like roses compared to that. (Besides, I actually LIKE the smell of fixer....)

In the end, it's too much trouble with not that stellar results (as compared to tried and tested stuff, like Rodinal, Xtol or HC).
If I have to mix my own chemicals from powder, I'd rather mix 5 liters of Xtol - which might be a bit more expensive, but in the end is actually MUCH easier to obtain than, for example, potassium bromide