Wow - that's a freakin' beauty! Just love it!

My .02 -

A dslr is fantastic for learning and testing, and comparing your film later. Take plenty of notes as you shoot. Keep in mind the dynamic range of a DSLR will differ from your film. My Nikon has the ability to make custom in-camera profiles. I've been experimenting with a black & white profile (though this interests me for some upcoming film projects that will have paid models, stylists, and complex lighting - little room for surprises). I'm finding pushed B&W negs lose a lot of shadow detail compared to the DSLR and I'd like to have an on-set proofing setup that shows this.

The iPhone light meters - really quite good in my experience. And the Sekonic 308 was my first meter (and I still use it).

I'll be the lone dissenting voice on reels - Hewes for 35mm is a no-brainer. But for MF, I find plastic reels much much easier to load. I do a lot of snip-testing (running half or third rolls to try developer times, etc) and a plastic reel is an absolute must for this, as it doesn't damage the tail of the film.