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I think you still don't get it. TMAX 100 in a 100' roll is $90. You still have to bulk load that. I wasn't expecting everybody that read the thread to go out and buy some 'just to try it'. But one reads LOTS of queries from folks looking to try XX on the forums, on Flickr, etc. and I and a few other folks were wondering how much interest THERE MIGHT BE in doing this. Kodak said they would do it at x price for x many rolls. We expected that there MIGHT be enough people willing, but as we are not as clairvoyant as ol' Newt we needed to ask around to see. And exactly- but surprisingly hardly at all more than buying TMAX100 in a 100' roll. I guess Kodak doesn't sell any TMAX100 in bulk, as it is so outrageously priced?
No one is outraged. You're just upset that not enough people want to go in on this deal on your favorite film. I understand being disappointed. The apparent outrage is misplaced.

I also have no idea where you're pricing TMX at $90 a roll but it's $59.95 at B&H:


I'm not saying this is "too expensive" for Double-X but I am suggesting it is more than I, and many other people, are likely to pay just to try out a new film.