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Not trying to dissuade you from your efforts but the most common arguments will likely be: Adox already has this CMS20 film in their portfolio, Ilford has PanF+ (even in larger formats if you need image detail), and if you can live with T-grain type film, T-MAX 100 is very fine grained, too.
Have you used Efke 25 and Adox CMS 20? Other than their ISOs being similar they have nothing else in common. And really Adox CMS 20 is more like an ISO 12 film. Efke can easily be developed in Rodinal. Rodinal is dirt cheap and is easy to store. It literally lasts for years. Adox CMS 20? You have to develop it in Adotech II. $25.66 to develop six rolls and currently out of stock until mid March. Oh, and did I mention once you open the bottle you have to use it all in one go or do some PIA water addition thing to make it last?

Adox CMS 20 is a document film. Adox says as much. I buy it because I want it to still be around but it is in no way a cheap or convenient substitute for Efke 25.

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What Brac said covers my position also which is I can't think of any situations in the U.K. where a 25 would be of any real use to me.
Well shooting wide open in bright light is one use for slow speed film but some people buy it because they like the look of the emulsion and the fine grain. I have used Rollei 25 on a tripod inside a building with nothing more than light from an overcast sky coming through some windows. I suspect a lot of Efke 25 shooters are using tripods so sun or overcast really doesn't matter unless you get into serious reciprocity failure territory.

Having said that I don't know how big the market is. Even if the market was twice its current size I suspect Efke would still have been discontinued. For them to make the capital investment the market probably needed to be a lot bigger.