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What Brac said covers my position also which is I can't think of any situations in the U.K. where a 25 would be of any real use to me.

I don't want to pour cold water on the likelihood of success but if I recall correctly, Ilford was asked and ruled out making a 25 speed film, presumably on the lack of a business case for it

Maybe Foma is small enough to make it a success but I'd be doubtful

Besides, no one is really interested in paying too much since there are already less expensive films out there. Everyone knows that Foma films are inexpensive so a new one will certainly be inexpensive as well. Especially if you resurrect the old Efke 25 cause that one was very reasonably priced. And they should also be able to sell some of it through Freestyle under the store brand so it is even more inexpensive.

I am being a little tongue in cheek here, but based on what I read on these forums I honestly believe it is true. Everyone likes to perpetuate the story that Efke went out of business because their machines were old and broke down, or the building was old, or the owners could make more money on it. The real truth is a bit harsher. Efke actually went out of business because they could not make money. They were selling their films for less than their cost to make them and they could not keep up the maintenance on the machinery or the building. They knew they could not raise the price because then no one would buy it. So they kept on making it and selling it until eventually the machinery gave up the ghost, and the building was in such bad shape it was amazing they could make film at all. Everyone cried and made a big deal when they went out of business. They were such great films. But the only reason people were willing to buy and use those films is because they were so inexpensive.

Kodak has had to raise their prices and everyone is having heart failure on these forums, yet this price increase is only the beginning if there is any chance that Tri-x, or more importantly, Portra will survive.

Fuji has raised the price of their wonderful transparency films and everyone is crying that they can't afford to shoot it anymore. But if we don't continue to buy it they will just drop it.

Ilford is still in business because they are coating and selling films that have been around for a long time, and they will continue to coat and sell those films. But the prices will go up for these films as well.

So Foma, don't take all this too seriously. I would personally love to see Efke 25 make a comeback. I still shoot a lot of it but eventually my stockpile will run dry. But I also love and use your other films, and I want you to continue to be able to make those films at a profit as well. In short, I want you to stay in business. If you can make Efke 25 at a profit, go for it with my blessing and I will buy it. But since Adox and Ilford have both publicly said that they are not able to profitably make this film at this time I fail to see how you will be able to.

Maybe Holga can make it.