Hi all,
Lost my Mamiya 645 this week thanks to a broken zipper on my bag, so I've got to sell some glass to fund a replacement.

First, a Canon 80-200L - glass is perfect, AF/MF switch is missing so I've used a bit of paper to stick it in the AF position. I've used it like this for 2 years or so with the opening covered with black electrical tape. There is a slight dent in the filter ring which makes it difficult but not impossible to mount 72mm filters. Comes with front and rear caps and 3rd party lens hood and tripod mount. These usually end up around $700 on eBay in better condition than mine!

Mamiya 50mm f/4.5 ULD for the RZ67 system next - really nice condition overall. There is a swirl in the front element - so faint as to be difficult to notice without a bright direct light. Otherwise perfect.

Finally - and I'm really hesitant to sell this one - the 210mm f/4.5 APO for the RZ67. Glass is perfect, little brassing on the barrel.

Photos to follow!

You can also consider this a WTB ad for a mamiya 645 with WLF - ideally a 1000s since I have the accessories for it already - and either 150/2.8 or 200/2.8. Also interested in the 120 Macro.