In my effort to afford some lighting gear I'm getting rid of a ton of darkroom equipment.

Lot below. $370 OBO

D5XL chassis
Dichroic head
Prolab condenser head
Power stabilizer and power supply for Dichroic head
Three lens turret
4 Omega D5 type negative carriers ( 35mm, 4x5, 2x2 slide, and 6x6 )
Omega drop table ( hard to find and very useful, Omega still sells this for a retail price of $1900 alone )

This enlarger set up is in fantastic shape. Clean and ready to go. As I'm sure most everyone here knows this is an awesome machine that can do anything from minox sized film up to 4x5.

Due to the size and weight of the enlarger and table I'd prefer it went to someone who could pick it up. I've priced it accordingly, and it's a great deal in this shape.

Also available are a Aristo VCL 4500 head and Metrolux II controller that would fit this enlarger. Just tell me if you're interested.

Feel free to ask any questions.