Currently I shoot film with a Fuji GA645 and love it. Fantastic camera that suits my daily needs. Trying to expand going forward I have a few holes I want filled. One, I want a wider angle lens. Two I want a larger negative size. Three, I want manual focus. All the while staying small with a rangefinder.

One camera does everything, the Mamiya 7. Since this can accept different lenses, I can satisfy all the goals in one shot. I have already found and priced a Mamiya 7 w/43mm lens (and finder) and 80mm. Price, around $2200.

The complicating factory is that I just LOOOVE the Fujifilm GF670 and want one bad. This gives me my larger negative, but not the wide angle. So I thought perhaps the GF670 coupled with a GA645Wi. That should be doable around $2200 or so.

My head tells me the Mamiya is the way to go. But I Just love Fuji cameras.

Any advice?