I’ve received cards from four participants in this round so far:

Mike Wilde - Three different and interesting cards again from Mike:
"US Capitol Building" - This scene is well suited to the interesting mysterious double weight paper.
"Korean War Veterans' Memorial" - This is a very evocative print - the cold tones work very well
"A portrait of Avra" - I like this portrait best - including the "classic" expression and the "classic" colour
piu58 - "Old Inn in Döbik" - I like the juxtaposition between the old and new
anikin - "Honest, Officer" - Intriguing, and it made me smile
Jim17x - "A Couple Ducks" - A nice print. It did re-ignite a discussion between my wife and I though - does a "couple" mean two ducks, or does it mean more ?

Mine are printed and just await labelling and postage.

I couldn't believe it - each one a simple, straight print.

Thanks everyone