Taking pictures between ISO 3200 and 6400


The new Leica M, can take pictures with an ISO as
high as 6400. On the other hand, Ilford manufactures
a film, Delta 3200, that can be pushed to ISO 6400.
This film, can be developed with Rodinal for a fine
grain development.

Many galleries, including the famous Leica Galleries
exhibit prints made with Leicas. My question would
be, which pictures would look less grainier, the ones
taken with film at ISO 6400, or the ones taken with
the digital Leica at same ISO? Lets say, that prints
are not larger than six feet or two meters in all their
dimensions. So, no larger than 20" x 24"

If the pictures taken with film are good enough, there
is no need for almost anyone to buy a digital camera
within the next three years. Would you agree or disagree
that film is still better than digital rangefinders with
24 Megapixels? That film looks less grainy?

Thank you in advance, kind regards,

igmotita : ) !!!

P.S. The negative can be printed directly with an enlarger, or
scanned with a good scanner. It is your choice. I just
want to see how good a film like Delta 3200 @ 6400
fares when enlarging prints!