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Yes, I always buy old negs when I see them. It's strange looking into the lives of people you don't know and trying to imagine who they were and what they were doing and a little disconcerting reflecting on the fact that many are probably long dead.

I have a similar affliction with staring at the negatives and tintypes I am collecting and wondering about the life....knowing they are in the ground and well passed by now. In that reflection I see the wonder of photography now and historically..that the person and context could be captured just as it was and frozen............for the first time 100% true.

I treat the images respectfully..........in thinking and use. They hugely influence my own photographic journey, style and approach.

whats more, they are not digital crystal clear perfecto mundo images............and they still speak massively........if willing to hear and look.

So Steve I can really relate to this, and its nice to know I am not the only one........