So - I got a 2" Fernco, which was the right size - about 2.75" outside diameter.

Got the name ring off and started on the lens assembly. Tried all of your tricks, and nothin' doing - except I did manage to remove the lock ring for the front lens element! (Guess I can clean out any dust inside, right?)

The main lock ring was TIGHT. I realized I needed a lens spanner wrench. Never have owned one of those. Even when shooting 4x5 product, I never had a problem with lens board lock rings.

But - am I not a man? A man surrounded by tools and whiskey, fine tobaccos, aged cognacs, asian supermodels and... grip gear. Lots of grip gear. From the fine folks at Matthews and Avenger and

Gentlemen, may I present the ghetto-span-5000. The lens assembly is out! What's next?