Not really an APUG topic, but among other problems with the digital/analog comparison made above, you can't just look at the Leica M and conclude there digital has nothing to offer. Pros ain't using those. Nikon and Canon are making digital cameras that are producing cleaner and cleaner images at ridiculously high sensitivities. Shooting Delta 3200 at 3200, let alone 6400, is a significant push which will increases graininess. As an aside, try any of this in Rodinal and graininess will be higher.

I'm an analog guy all the way, but at this point we can't use resolution and graininess (not quite the same as digital noise anyway) to support any view analog is "superior" to digital in terms of image quality. Those days are long gone, I'm afraid. Digital crushes analog when it comes to image quality at high sensitivities.