BTW, it is tradional for 100ft rolls of 35mm movie film to come on a "#10 Spool" AKA a "Daylight Spool" or an "Eyemo Spool".

The movie maker could load this into the camera under subduesd light and shoot off the fogged film at the start of the roll. (about 5 seconds worth) at the end of the roll there is also a bit of extra film to be fogged to protect the roll on the way from the camera to the can. The spool does not come in a bag, but instaed has a paper band arround the film.

When Kodak is quoting on 100ft rolls of 5222 thay are probaly figuing on the metal spool, and the "customer allowance" of ten extra feet of film for leaders and trailers. Kodak themselves package it in the dark so the extra film is useable. (they used to perforate the emulsion number on the leader, but they proably have given up on that these days).

The 400 and 1000 ft rolls come on a core in a bag nside a can. (the 1000ft might come on a 3 inch core, the 400 on a 2 inch core)