Greetings, have just joined the forum.

Recently brought my first medium format camera (RB67) and found this quick-shoe 2 tripod release in box. Two hassles

1. Worked out how to get the 3/8" screw off the bottom of the plate, and attached that and the top part of quick release to base of camera, where it fits snuggly. Bottom half clicks on to this, slides in and out, and locks neatly.

2. The tripod that came with the camera doesn't seem to fit this quick release plate. The quick release plate has a black knob on the bottom which moves in and out with the LOCK lever. Knob is circular, and exactly 40mm (1.572") in diameter

Question. Any thoughts as to which type and model of tripod this fits - Did Mamiya make it's own tripod etc. Can't seem to find a manual, so hard to fathom out

Any help greatly appreciated

Peter Elliott