Getting closer to perhaps buying a Mamiya 7, I'd like to ask the group if you could help me draw up a check list of what to look at when examining the camera that is for sale. I have ZERO experience with a Mamiya 7 and only know what I have read. I have a VERY short list.

1. Rangefinder- is it accurate.
2. Film mask- no light leaks and deploys and retracts fully.
3. Film advance lever, solid and not in bad shape.

What else should I look at?

I am looking at a Mamiya 7 w/43mm & 80mm lens for around $2200. Is this a good price? I can probably haggle it down a few hundred more, but want to make sure the gear is in good shape.

The store offers a 3 month warranty and I can easily shoot 40-50 rolls of film through it in that amount of time.

My only hesitation is the meter. I keep reading how weird the meter is for this camera. I am not an expert at metering scenes and feel this could really come back to bite me. Anyway, that's a different topic.