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Thank you Polyglot! I have used RB quite a lot but RZ just few times. Liked very much that huge winding lever on the side of both cameras.
What Polyglot said.

You're right it's like gold, I didn't get it from here (though discovered the person is a member on here) I met them on Instagram which is a phone app that is silly but photographers I've met there seem nice, it's a photo "feed" so it's not a community just a "follow me" system like twitter.

Anyway it was the best trade I've ever made. I had a 70mm Hassleblad back that I thought I would get a hassy someday, but it's just too expensive so I traded one 70mm back for FOUR 15 foot rolls of tech pan! (They might be 20 feet I think the base is thinner so the reels hold more but can't be sure till I run them through). Really nice guy, we plan to get together if he visits NY this year. He sent me a "surprise" which was two rolls of 120 Ilford SFX and two rolls of Kodak Ektachrome G100 just to be nice!

Like I said nice guy, and he's a marine or Air Force or something Military guy so he serves the country which just adds to his awesomeness, not to mention he is the only military guy still in service who shoots LF so they commission him for special military shoots of soldiers on LF! Pretty cool.

Anyway it was a good day when that came in the mail...


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