The charge is 10 EUR only for international transactions. Or should I say it's 0.3 % of the sum, but 10 EUR minimum. It was OK when I bought the 8k EUR Fuji Frontier, but with 30 EUR film development costs it's a lot. Romania is very apt at bending EU rules to better suit the various companies and state organizations
I read that in Russia you pay customs tax for goods over 500 EUR. Here you pay 24% VAT for non-EU imports over 10 EUR and customs taxes (from 0 to 30%, depending on the item) after 50.

Anyway, if I had a deal with someone who can send to a Fuji lab it would be great and I could get more customers. Otherwise people will stick with C41. I plan to do C41 at home (my company is also registered at my home) with a Noritsu V30. Using a set of prices from the UK which are probably more than I will pay for chemicals it seems the cost per film will be under .50EUR