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If you were really dedicated to getting xx out to people you should have just bought the 1000ft reels, a set of cheap rewinds, and some black plastic bags and separate it out for your self instead. There's a thing called self reliance, and you don't need to ask a bunch of people to chip in $100 a can for cine stock and get pissy when people pointed out that the price is way high.

I remember fairly recently a member offered cine stock here respooled himself for $30-$50 a roll shipped. He had it asked if people wanted an it was at a fair price and it was snapped up. Simple.
That was me:


Note that when I had purchased those 400' rolls they were more like $145 instead of the current $160 or whatever. And not in a million years would I go into the business of cutting up 400' rolls of 5222 on a regular basis for that little money. I have all the equipment to do it right, and the cores are easy enough to come by, it's those durn bags and cans that are so difficult to find in bulk, cheap. But that's just for me, some guy. Kodak could definitely do it more cost-effectively than I could. Quite some time ago, on one of their "give us your suggestions" links on the movie film site, I suggested they do just that and even pointed them to their competition (Orwo) that was doing it as an example. Obviously they didn't listen to me, go figure :-)

I wish that I could cut up a 400' roll into 4 100' rolls and fit them all back in the 400' can. Sadly, simple geometry prevents that! If the rolls are just a bit short, I can actually wedge two of them back in there. So here's a deal: anyone that wants 5222 badly enough to pay for a 400' can and only get 2 90-ish foot rolls for their money, I'll cut it up for you and keep the extra 200+' for myself! That's outrageous, of course, but still quite a bit cheaper than Kodak's proposed price for 100' rolls! I'll even make the same deal for 1000' rolls - however many smaller rolls I can wedge back in the original can and bag are yours, the leftover feet are mine. (If anyone seriously considers taking me up on this, let's talk - it's going to save money for me to buy the film and have Kodak ship it to me, rather than you buying it and then sending it to me, but if you already have the film and just need it cut up, that's fine too.)