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So far perhaps best guess is leaked moisture or frozen crystals..

I have to investigate this a bit, although I don't have Acros quickloads any more and it's no longer in the production.
You can experiment with any film, just take a clipping from a piece of film, put it in a plastic bag (ziplock) with a but of moisture in the bag (but not on the film, like take a piece of wet bread and put it next to the film (do this all in the dark room/ dark bag), then put it on a dark box (like an empty LF box) and leave it in a hot place for 30 minutes, like on top of a radiator or heat vent, then put that immediately in the freezer for 3 days. Take it out, shoot it, and see if the same effect is there. Theoretically this should work, I've never purposefully done this of course. But I've seen results like that on films that I put in the fridge where the seal on the can was not tight and so I assumed the moisture was the cause since it was only from the cans with loose tape. Now I re-tape everything and put it all in sealed plastic...


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