In addition to what else has been offered:
-see if focusing matches between the lenses, especially infinity. Not that the RF is all that important with the 43mm
-see if there are marks around the RF adjustment cover, it's the round plastic cover to the right of the finder (on the back); if so, it's seen amateur service. Not a deal killer, but make sure RF still works, and use to bring price down.
-Check the multi-exposure feature, if your paying for a 7ii, you might as well use it, it's saved me a few times from 'lens cap syndrome.' You can also check the shutter this way.
-My meter is pretty much a spot meter, just below the rangefinder patch. Try a point source of light, figure out where the meter reads in your sample, and if it is agreeable to you.
-The 43mm viewfinder is a pain to replace, make sure it comes with the package. Check the bubble level in the finder, they often dry out, although this might not be critical.
Good luck!