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why the fascination with batteries? I recently bought a sekonic studio deluxe III model L398A--- no batteries, supreme accuracy, incident or reflected, the dome swivels 180 degrees, is the size of a pack of cards and not much thicker.

and no batteries to replace. I bought this one because my old one, which was 40 years old, finally had so many broken pieces of the exterior from being dropped that i was worried dirt would hurt its accuracy, which never faltered.
Because it's the 21st century, and modern digital meters are quicker to use, not as prone to shock damage as meters with needles, more accurate, and have much better low light capability s, to carry a spare battery is no problem. I've had a Studio Deluxe for about twenty five years but have retired it to my sock draw together with my Western Euromaster,Gossen Lunapro, and I doubt if I will ever use them again, my digital ones are so much better.