I have both the 7 and 7II. For 90 percent of shots, the difference between them is minimal. The 7II viewfinder information is easier to see when shooting into bright light than the 7, but that is about it. I have never used the multi-exposure feature on the 7II. If you plan to do multi-exposures, you will need to get a 7II, not a 7.

As for metering, I haven't had problems. It is quite accurate for most situations. The one time I had issues was in the Grand Canyon. I was shooting by the sunny f/16 rule but I noticed my meter was giving some strange readings. I finally figured out it was because I was wearing a broad rimmed hat. Sometimes the sun would hit the meter directly, throwing it off, and sometimes the meter was in deep shadow from the hat. When I got into a situation where I couldn't rely on the f/16 rule, I made sure to take off my hat.