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As for using a plain fix after development, (if that were the case) then the fix capacity would diminish by carryover.
I would assume that CD and fix alone would not work in RA4 since the developed Silver would remain in the paper ...
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A sequence of Dev, Stop, rinse?, Fix, rinse?, blix would be needed and that is just too long but it would increase blix life.
My current process sequence is CD, stop/fix, rinse, BLIX, rinse, wash. Final wash is done in a water basin, so the whole Jobo time is about 8 minutes. That's not too long IMHO and compares well to time spent on thinking about filtration/time changes, other preparation steps and exposure.

Polyglot, these prices for Kodak RA4 are almost too good to be true! Look at the sorry Tetenal kit on the same page, it's four times as expensive per liter working solution. Unbelievable ... Is there a difference in capacity per liter of working solution or something?