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It seems like a good candidate for use on a Speed Graphic if it could be attached to a lens board.
It would be a tight fit as it would require a 70 mm opening.
Can't help you with the lens itself, but it wouldn't be a problem to mount in on the Speed Graphic: I make lens boards for Aero Ektar lenses, and the diameter of the back of the Aero Ektar 178/2.5 lens is about 75 mm, so yours is narrower - no problems there (room to spare...)
In order to mount the AE lens on the Speed Graphic, the "throat" of the front panel of the camera often has to be widened a bit (just 1mm or so...) - which means that the Speed Graphic opening on the front panel can take lenses with diameters of up to 73-74mm without any modification.

Sure looks like an interesting lens to try on the Speed Graphic