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If it is staged to that extent then it is called a photo-illustration instead of a photograph. A photograph implies that it was actual event when it comes to news. Here is the NPPA code of ethics. This is what I have agreed to as a member and as a photojournalist.

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What do you see as having been violated in that code here? I think everyone agrees that "sniper" was a mistake and in that sense a violation of "be accurate", but if we accept Pellegrin's mea culpa on that point, are there other crossed lines?

You say "staged to that extent", but to me this photo doesn't seem more staged than any other posed portrait. Its placement in the photo essay creates a context that may be misleading as a whole, to be sure, but I don't immediately see that the staging is the problem, or that the photo itself claims to be anything it's not. What's unusual about having a subject pose with a possession that's salient to the story?