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My total process through blix is 3 minutes at 100F and about 5' at 68F. The former in a Jobo and the latter in trays. The former also must have added to it a 30" 100F prewet.
My process time is longer because I process at 30C and that I use very conservative times for BLIX (2+ minutes).

Here is my time regime:
  1. CD for 1:45
  2. Stop/Fix for 1:15
  3. water rinse for 0:30
  4. BLIX for 2:00
  5. rinse for 0:30
  6. rinse for 0:30
  7. rinse for 0:30

The Stop/Fix takes one minute longer than a Stop alone, but I assume that within 1:15 even a Sodium Thiosulfate/Ammonium Chloride based fixer removes most Silver Halides left after the CD step, thereby leaving only the developed Silver for the BLIX. The BLIX time is very conservative and even Tetenal's instructions call for only 1:00. The three rinses at the end not only ensure that I won't touch nasty chems with my bare hands when I open the tank, it also cleans the tubing within the Jobo so the next tank doesn't get left over BLIX with its CD. The Jobo is ready to go for the next tank!

With these processing steps I have seen color changes towards blue after processing many sheets of paper, and I would attribute these to exhausted CD. These color changes could be corrected through filtration but as they got worse with more sheets processed it turned into a futile catchup game. I never got poor Dmin from exhausted BLIX, even in those sheets with extra blue cast.