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No, I think it's pretty significant given US military culture. If the caption results in people thinking that he misrepresented his military service, to a lot of people that's a *huge* black mark---in my experience many veterans (perhaps Marines especially) are enormously personally vested in their service, and take such misrepresentations as not just serious but something of an affront to them and the armed forces generally. I wouldn't want to be this guy the first time another Marine says "aren't you that dude who lied about being a sniper?"

I tend to buy Pellegrin's claim that it was a mistake rather than an intentional fiction, but it's a significant mistake anyway.


I have had issues with our news desk creating a headline that has nothing to do with the image because they didn't read my cutline and just made an assumption. I have also on occasion misspelled names. So, sorts of things happen. I don't really know how Magnum operates so I am not sure if something like this could have happened.