First off.. No collector would touch that thing. Hand made POC. And for 900 bucks? In a pay system we have never heard of? Just take the money and flush it down the commode. Saves the postage and the carbon footprint.

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I'm a country boy myself and I sure don't see whut a 145mm f1.2 video projection lens mated to an old Speed Graphic camera is going to do for folks. The "bellows" looks to me they wuz made by Aunt Maude's Toy Clothing business in her front parlor. Just t'other day a feller offered me a Leica 900mm f1.1 screw mount Elmar with Lufwaffe marking on it. I think I'll put my dough in that one, not the Graphic doodad. 'Course payment has to be made in World War II German Marks or Iraqi bills with Saddam Hussein on them.
Be careful with that Luftwaffen lens. Many of those are fakes. I do have a prewar Wesphalia 100,000 mark coin. Trade you for a good condition Leica II.

tim in san jose