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Polyglot, these prices for Kodak RA4 are almost too good to be true! Look at the sorry Tetenal kit on the same page, it's four times as expensive per liter working solution. Unbelievable ... Is there a difference in capacity per liter of working solution or something?
I don't know the capacity of the Tetenal - I looked at the prices and went "duh, I know which I'm getting". The Kodak ones are packaged as 4 sets of bottles so you can make up 5L and keep the rest as concentrate (or sell them!) without opening. If anyone in Australia wants a Kodak 5L RA4 kit for $40, PM me as I still have one spare.

The Kodak requires about 10mL of replenishment per 8x10", so all up cost (with shipping) in AU is 8c/sheet. Certainly it's a good price, but it's not like the chemistry is inherently expensive (PtCl2!) or hard to make. And the shop is for real; they're an APUG advertiser and I've bought that very set of kits from them myself, as well as the Fuji C41 and E6 offerings.

PE: I think the stop/fix suggestion above was intended as replacement for a stop bath, not something to do between a stop and a blix. Since fixer is pretty acidic, it will act as stop and have the neat side effect of reducing silver load on the blix. Due to the high cost of (presumably B&W rapid) fixer vs acetic acid and the low price of RA4 blix as stated above, I don't see much point though.