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I have a chrome Nikon F with serial number 6843981.
According to this site http://www.destoutz.ch/typ_production_data_f.html my camera was built in AUG 1967 to OCT 1967.
However, all the ranges on this site are overlapping, what seems strange to me. For instance:
679xxxx DEC 1966 to MAR 1967
680xxxx FEB 1967 to APR 1967
681xxxx APR 1967 to JUN 1967
682xxxx MAY 1967 to AUG 1967
683xxxx JUL 1967 to SEP 1967
684xxxx AUG 1967 to OCT 1967
685xxxx OCT 1967 to DEC 1967
It seems unlikely that Nikon used two series of numbers at the same time? Like 682xxxx in August and 683xxxx in July?

The reason for my question is that I would like to have & use a Nikon F that is as old as I am (Feb. 14th. 1967). It doesn't have to be a
perfect one, as long as it is in good working order. Preferably with a single lens (like a 35 mm) from the same period. I want to shoot a project with it: I want to make a series of my life (the first 46 years) with this camera on Tri-X film. One camera, one lens and one (type of) film.

My camera seams to be from the right year, not the right month. :-(
And mine is with a sports finder. I would also like a working Nikon F Photomic Tn (from 1967.) Are these still around & working, without having to sell an arm and a leg? If not, just a regular prism and I'll use my lightmeter.
This is what it would look like:
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(source: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography...meterprism.htm)

I haven't checked my old lenses yet, but I'm guessing they aren't from the right era as well. Does anyone know a site to date my lenses?

Thanks for the help!!
It was explained to me that the over lap was due to serial number range being assigned to a production run, Its entirely possible to start a new batch while the previous batch was being finished.

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