A few recent thoughts... I was shooting Hurricane sandy on both my 1V and my 5D mark II (Digital) both are very nice, but even 10 years later, the 1V outshines the 5D mk II in many ways, the 45 point autofocus system is just spectacular, perhaps that's not as appealing to you but the 1V is the only camera I rarely ever have to "focus and recompose" the autofocus point area is fairly wide spread even though centered like all autofocus systems, but the points just go anywhere and it's easy to navigate. Two, if has a download system where you can download the metadata of your shots to the computer (mind you windows 95 is the newest version the program supports and you need the cable) which was once invaluable when I spend a month traveling the country going through almost 100 rolls of film, not having to carry a pen or paper, all the shoot data was recorded and is now printed out on a sheet, roll number, (which it will imprint on the leader) f stop, shutter speed, date, time, film type, camera lens name and specific focal length used etc. Pretty snazzy. Finally, while shooting the hurricane, a giant wave came up on me and crashed on top of me soaking both cameras, the 5D mk II ceased working shortly after but the 1V had no harm done. I sent them both off to be cleaned by Canon and see if the 5D could be repaired. They were able to fix the 5D THANK GOODNESS ($2500 camera) and while speaking to the lady on the phone about the cleaning and what had been done, she said she hadn't seen any film cameras come in the past year, however the ONLY film camera they still had parts for was the 1V... so there's also more chance of repair for the 1V, and it's almost impervious to weather Good luck! I love mine!