As a former Hasselblad owner (I traded in my kit to get a 5x12 and some holders), I loved the system, but found at one point I wasn't using it enough to justify keeping it around. I've since returned to medium format in the guise of a Rolleiflex 2.8E (notice the square thing coming back?). I really like shooting square and I compose for it most of the time when using the Rollei. I think the best thing to do before you commit to a Hassy system would be to rent one for a week and use it to be sure you'll like it. This is not to ding other medium format systems (I have an RB67 in addition to the Rollei), but the Hassy is lighter and easier to carry than the RB/RZ, and it has a much better lens and accessory selection than the Bronica. Depending on what you want to shoot with it, that may or may not make a difference. If you want to do macro work, the Hassy is hands down superior to the Bronica, and at least the equal of the Mamiya RB/RZ, perhaps better. If you need long telephoto lenses, it's Hassy and RB. Portraits, the RB in some ways has an edge because of the built-in bellows focusing - you can put a 180mm RB lens on the camera and focus close enough to need exposure compensation even before adding any extension tubes. The Hassy classic "Portrait" lens (the 150mm or the 180mm) dont HAVE to have an extension tube but definitely benefit from an 8mm or 16mm extension tube when shooting tight head-and-shoulders or head-only portraits.