I can't reiterate what others have said ... mainly ... GET THE 43mm VIEWFINDER! I don't have one, it's a nightmare, finding one less than $300 is impossible and I'm stubborn and refuse to pay more than $100 for one... really terribly frustrating.

Secondly, dreaded "lens cap syndrome" with these RF's is a tough lessen to learn, the multi exposure savior switch has saved me a couple of times already, but not as critical as that darn viewfinder.

Saw your other post as well ... I still say the Mamiya 7 is a great system and even with it's quirks you won't be disappointed. My biggest complaint is one that is really only an issue in winter, the curtain release button, with gloves on it's impossible to use, I don't understand why it had to be made so difficult to use. The actual curtain closer feature between the two (7 and 7II) isn't such a big deal, I prefer the 7II but the 7 isn't bad either.

Good luck!