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Nothing to lose - this was 120 that at the time intended to be a color image.

I still have not decided what to make of this outcome. It has the ortho look of films of the 1920's, although my scanning-esthetic may have over-manipulated it to my liking. Rather grainy.

Developed in HC-110B, at half-again the usual time. The RemJet fell off after the fix in 1-tsp each of 20-muleteam borax and dishwasher detergent in a liter of water, with a wad of cotton. Afterward the usual HCA and wash.

What with the overall orange (this must disappear somehow when processed correctly) it probably won't print well in the usual way. Kodak used to have a paper intended for this sort of thing. The film has a thickness and curl that makes getting into the Coolscan holder a little tricky. Best to wear cotton gloves.

Tri-X it ain't, but I have half a mind to shoot the remaining unexposed film. Might be cool to be one of the few in this universe shooting Kodachrome film.
Wow thanks for sharing, I saw both examples posted on these 4 pages, this gives me hope Shooting Kodachrome will be fun again... except ya know, without the color part