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It's been about 4 years since I've had the Cirkut out.

In 1913, George Sheelor did a fine panorama of Tonopah, Nevada with a #10 Cirkut camera. The original hangs proudly in our court house.

Well, the good people of Tonopah want a 100 year update. And since I have a machine identical to the one Sheelor used, that is what's driving this epic picture.

So this is my first try, but if you look carefully at Sheelor's image at the LOC, you'll see I failed miserable so far!

So with a tiny version of the LOC Sheelor original I went back to figure it out. My initial placement was by looking at the gap between the 2 5 story buildings downtown. Pretty close. But then I discovered Sheelor must have been way farther up the slope than me and used a longer lens.

So I started hiking this afternoon. Sure enough, where the impossibly steep shaley mountain turns into sheer cliffs, there is remains of Sheelor's original wood platform made of railroad ties 100 years ago.

This story to be continued . . .

1910 - ish Kodak Cirkut Panoramic Camera, Turner Reich 10 3/4 - 18 - 24" lens (18" component used), Aerial Recon 9.5" Tri-X film. 9.5X57 inches.