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Nice Job!! Exactly the same conclusion I drew before even reading your post...

Examined both photos very closely and the perspective was slightly off. There is a really good original structure foreground reference point just below the now-missing tower on the near side of that whitish open area. An unmistakeable square white attic window. Lining that up with the horizon, it's off just a bit. Did you climb higher and slightly to the left?

I once tried this same thing by driving up Six Mile Canyon Road above Virginia City with a 4x5 camera and an illustrated copy of the Eliot Lord book. Got pretty close as well. I can remember how much fun I had. You're making me feel young again.

Can't wait to see the final result!


Did you climb higher and slightly to the left? Yep. A LOT higher. Shale. Impossible to get a foothold. It'll be interesting with a 30 pound load. Sheelor must have had animals. Young?? I'm 60! Good thing Sheelor didn't do it in 1927. I won't be re-doing the 100 year version of that.