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Typically the amount of sodium thiosulfate is 8 to 12 g/l in the first developer despite what a previous poster says. It is used to produce clear highlights. Read the Ilford site on reversal processing carefully.

If using the permanganate bleach be sure to follow the formula exactly. Specifically in the amount of acid used.

Since each film reacts differently it is important to practice with the cine film and not regular tri-X.
Hi Gerald. I have read the Ilford docs and they were my starting point. My first test was 5g sodium thiosulfate in 330ml - I got a 20% overall density image and film edge. The second test was 0.5g in 330ml - I got a 80% density image. Even 0.1g washed the image out a bit.

Some people seem to use 30g/L without my problems .