I have that exact same Hewes reel for the Jobo 2500 series. I’ve only processed 120 film and that film fills the reel about halfway out. So the reel should be able to hold a 220 roll.

But even though the Hewes reel seems to have enough space remaining to load 2 rolls of 120 at the same time, the problem would be loading the film. The Jobo plastic reels take two 120 films, but they pull the film into the reel from the outside spiral. The SS reels load from the center and wind the film toward the outside. Perhaps if you taped two 120 films together and then loaded them?

Hewes also makes a SS reel for 35mm film that fits the Jobo 2500.

All the Hewes SS reels are first class, and I find them much easier to use that the standard Jobo plastic reels.