Thanks for your thoughts Poisson. Thing is I really would like a good 35mm camera, both mine are now broken so this will be my primary camera and not a diversification to my collection as I don't have a collection as such. I have shot some medium format, my other half is also a keen photographer and I am lucky that he is so generous with his cameras that I can use them when I wish too. He actively encourages me to do MF. I loved most of the results I got with MF but I find it really difficult to get the results I would like to when I do my favourite photography which was the combination of my EOS 5 & my 100mm lens shooting macros. I just can't get close enough with MF, there probably is a way I just haven't figured it out yet. I also like quite blurry, mostly out of focus shots when I do macro so sharpness is not something I am looking for here. You can see what I mean here with some macros I posted on Flickr

What I am ultimately looking for is my workhorse camera, one that I can learn learn inside out and back to front that I can grow with. I'm not looking to change cameras again for a long time if I buy this, I wouldn't even be looking for one if my 5 hadn't broken. But I do want to make a sound investment in a camera that will challenge me and will continue to work for a long time to come.

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I'd add one final tidbit for thought.

It's a fine camera, Canon's finest, and will faithfully serve. But at the end of the day, one fact remains: it is a 35mm camera, with all the constraints and waste of 35mm (36 exposures is way, way too much for most people now; roll interchanges are best).

Your money could be spent on diversifying your equipment to include medium format (any number of these formats are around 400% bigger than 35mm and subsequently have sharpness to really, really impress the masses). MF will provide a learning curve far removed from the brute looks and ease of use and high level automation and fuzzy intelligence that the 1V provides on tap.
Something to remember: We all crave to use the latest and greatest, biggest and best. But you don't need a flash camera to create beautiful photographs. A few people here on APUG create their works on cameras that can be 80 and 130 years old (LF and ULF). A lot of mine are also done on a pinhole camera. But I'm not going to convince you to change your mind, just be careful before parting with a big sum of money.

I'm reminded: a mint condition 1V was on sale in Melbourne (near where I live) about a fortnight ago for $975 (body only); I belive it was sold last weekend. That's an extremely low price for that marque that once sold for more than $3,500 body only.